saying good bye to blogs

From the first time my teacher said we where doing blogs, I didn’t like it very much but over the past month’s its  grown on me as I do more and more blogs. My favourite task would have to be when all of us had to wright about Australian foods (the reason I liked it so much was because I got it done). the hardest task was writing  about taiko drumming the reason I didn’t like it so much was because it wasn’t that fun to write or do and didn’t really get the task done. I didn’t do much of blogs at home but I did quite a lot at  school because I had too but I sometimes did enjoy them though.


What I’m doing in the school holidays

HELLO! everyone,


In the school holidays I will be doing a variety of things from fossicking to traveling to Canberra. the first thing my family and I are doing in the holidays is going fossicking in Ebor at a place called Snowy Creek where we will be chasing some beautiful sapphire’s. My family and I will be also traveling down to Canberra where we will be going to floriade . floriade is a long month-long  festival and runs from Saturday 17 September to Sunday 16 October (floriade is an amazing flower sculptor festival. while we are in Canberra my family and I will also be attending questicon. hope you all enjoyed this post till next time jack out